The wood and bracing in each guitar are carefully hand tuned to produce a rich sound responsive to the lightest touch but capable of great volume if necessary. Neck width and scale length can often be selected to meet the players needs. Intonation is carefully set with both bridge saddle and nut compensation. The neck joint of most models is a Spanish foot style joint. Steel-string guitars have adjustable truss rods. Ashton Taylor Guitars are finished with the unique process of Shellac base coats topped with; Lacquer for added durabilility. Finishes are very thin for increased responsiveness.

Standard Model Guitars start at $3750. Mr. Taylor has many years experience in the fields of architectural acoustics, sound reinforcement system design, and mechanical and industrial noise control. He has worked on a broad range of architectural projects including concert halls, opera houses, music schools, educational performing arts centers, churches, gymnasiums, arenas, stadiums, natatoriums, office buildings, medical facilities, and laboratories. Additionally, he has experience in industrial facilities including gas compressor stations, LNG plants, power generation plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, and manufacturing plants. Mr. Taylor is a member of the Acoustical Society of America, the Audio Engineering Society, and the Guild of American Luthiers.

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